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Henry Michael McPhillips

 06/02/1951 - 21/11/2022

St Mary's Cathedral

Cathedral House, 61 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JD

3rd December 2022 - 10am

You can view the service live in the embedded video below or by clicking here

You can download the order of service by clicking (coming soon)

If you want to cast the stream to a smart TV you will need to do it via clicking the link above on a phone or tablet with the vimeo app installed (which is free from the Google app store or Apple app store).  It will open in a browser.  Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen and select 'Open in Vimeo'.  You will then see the 'cast' logo in the bottom right corner of the video.  If you don't see any options just tap the screen and it should bring them up for a few seconds.  Please note the cast logo won't be available until the stream is live.

If you miss the stream as it happens live, or if anything goes wrong with the stream, you will be able to watch the video afterwards. The recording of the service will be uploaded onto this page soon after the service. 

Please be reassured the service is also being recorded locally in high-quality and will be uploaded later the same day.  

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Funeral live stream

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