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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Funeral Streaming Scotland?

I have been a full-time events video production professional since 2010 and have a huge amount of experience.  I also have a vast amount of live-streaming experience having live-streamed high-profile conferences, weddings, and of course, funerals.

I take all the stress out of it, taking care of your live-streaming needs and deliver a first-class job.

Your funeral or memorial service will be shared in a professional and sensitive way - completely incomparable to someone using a smartphone or laptop to do the job.

Can I see some samples of a live-stream?

I don't have any samples on my website due to the very private nature of funerals/memorials.  I understand however it's important for peace of mind before booking me to see that the audio/video quality really is the best available.  Please get in touch for a private link to view a few short excerpts from some live-streams I have produced.

Can you explain your process?

Once you decide to book me I request some basic information which allows me to create a private, personalised page on my website which is what you will share out.  On the page I embed the live stream video and if you have opted something additional like a graveside recording that will be added to the page too so everything is in one place.  If you are having an order of service I can add this as a download link to the page too.

Will there be additional costs?

The stated prices cover one location with power available.  An outdoor location with no available power will add around £75.  Please get in touch for a quote for adding a second location.

Will the cameras be noticable?

I set up in the most discreet positions possible and use very small cameras that are placed out of the way.  Despite the cameras being very small they are incredibly high quality and look fantastic even in very low light conditions.

What if my location doesn't have internet access?

The location does not need an internet connection, I always provide my own.  I also have the equipment to 'bond' multiple connections together for a single faster and more reliable connection.

What about reliability?

Funerals are incredibly important and I take as many steps as possible to add redundancy to the coverage.  I record a higher-quality version of the stream locally which both provides a higher quality version to provide via a download to keep long term and a back up in the event that there is any problem with the actual live stream.  I also record independently on all cameras and on the audio mixer so as an absolute last resort I can edit everything together afterward from all these sources.  You are very well covered.

What is the higher quality local recording?

Most live-stream providers can only provide a local recording at the same quality as the stream which depending on the signal could be a very low bitrate.  With my equipment, I am able to stream at custom bit rate and resolution to suit the available connection to ensure stream stability (eg. 1.5mbps) but then record locally at a much, much higher quality (eg. 8mbps) which is over 5 times the quality.  Later in the day I can replace the live stream video on the private page with the higher quality one.

I missed the live stream, when can I view it again?

If you miss the start of a live stream you can either watch live or begin from the start while the stream is still live.  Once the live stream has finished it is available to rewatch immediately, unilke services like Obitus which you have to wait for several days after the live stream has finished before you can rewatch - and only if this optional extra has been paid for.  With Funeral Streaming Scotland, this is all included as standard.

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