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(All live-streams are recorded and provided as standard)

Services: List

Single camera live-stream


The single-camera live-stream offers the simplest, most compact and affordable solution. 

For everyone who can't attend in person, I ensure things look good and most importantly the sound is clear so that they really feel connected to the service and don't miss a word. 

The service is also recorded and viewable online immediately for those unable to attend the live-stream.

2 camera live-stream


Using 2 cameras has a huge impact on the quality of the live-stream.  I will generally have a wide shot from the back showing the whole room and a zoomed in shot to show close-ups of people talking.  Cutting between the two angles provides a much better experience for viewers.  As a bonus, using 2 cameras provides redundancy should there be a problem with a camera.

3 camera live-stream


Adding a 3rd camera is very useful.  I would generally add a 3rd angle nearer the front but off to the side, having a camera shooting from a different perspective really elevates the production value, improving the viewers experience even more.  This is especially useful when a shorter person is behind a lectern and a clear shot from the back isn't as good.

Includes audio system upgrade add-on within price

4 camera live-stream


Adding a 4th camera is again very useful.  If you want I can position a wide shot looking back towards everyone which is a great perspective to have when people are speaking from a lectern and maybe tell an amusing story and it get's a laugh.  Being a wide shot you can't see individual people in detail.  Some people absolutely love this angle but others prefer not to have any attendees faces visible at all - it's completely your decision.  An alternative is to have the 4th camera on the opposite side to the 3rd camera but on a wide shot rather than a close up of the lectern (or position people will speak from).

Includes audio system upgrade add-on within price

5 camera live-stream


The 5th camera angle could be the alternative position for the 4th camera - or somewhere completely different, some churches have side balconies which are a great opportunity for an elevated angle looking down which often gives a fantastic view of any flowers there might be.

Includes audio system upgrade add-on within price

Add-on services

Wireless audio system upgrade


On the 1 and 2 camera live-stream options the wireless audio is captured using a more compact 2.4ghz 2 channel system.  This upgrade provides a much more expensive 3 channel digital UHF wireless sytem which as well as being more reliable also has upgraded audio quality.  A side-by-side comparison can be provided.

Graveside recording

from £125

Recording the graveside service is a popular option.  I recommend recording this rather than live-streaming as the transition after the service is often quick and doesn't allow much time for setting up.  I can absolutely offer live-streaming of the graveside service if this is very important to have live.  Please get in touch to discuss the details.

Photo slideshow

from £50

I have produced many beautiful slideshows, almost always with some subtle, custom motion on the photos (a slow zoom and/or pan across the images) to really bring the slideshow to life.  I get excellent feedback for my slideshows.  The prices is effected by how many photos there are and whether you want the custom movement.  I can also include videos within the slideshows.  Please get in touch for some samples and for a quote.

Music playback during service

from £100

Quite often I am asked to playback some music to the room during the service.  I can provide 1 to 4 high-quality P.A. speakers that will effectively fill a small room up to a cathedral with your music.

Audio for the room (including microphones) 

from £150

Some venues don't have any microphones or speakers to amplify the people talking during the service for the room.  I can provide 1 to 3 high-quality P.A. speakers and mix all the audio for the room as well as the live-stream.  These speakers can effectively fill a small room up to a cathedral with clear sound.  I have also provided this in some churches/venues who don't have very good speakers/microphones of their own.

Screen for slideshow/video playback

from £100

I can provide a screen to display the slideshows and/or videos that are a part of the service.  I can provide a 32 inch LCD screen, a 50 inch LCD screen or a 120 inch projector screen with projector - fantastic for large spaces.

Screen/speakers for group viewing of the live-stream

from £250

I can provide a screen/speaker and computer set-up to display the live-stream in another location for a group viewing of the service.  In the past I have had another hall within the same building and a completely different location.  Please get in touch to discuss options.

Pre-site visit

from £100

I like to turn up early to get set-up and I'm able to work around any challenges that present themselves.  Sometimes with multiple add-on services a job does become more complex and a site visit is recommended or sometimes for peace of mind a client just prefers to meet me at the location to chat things through ahead of the day.  I am more than happy to accommodate this.  Please get in touch to check availability and cost.

Photo restoration

from £20

If you have any older photos you want to use in your order of service, display photo, as part of a slideshow or for any other use but would like them touched up/restored I can provide this service.  Anything from fixing/improving tears and scratches in photos, fixing/improving discoloured photos or upscaling lower resolution photos please ask for a quote.  I would need to see the photo/photos before providing a quote.  It's truly amazing the results that can be achieved.

Services: List

Anything else you can think of

Funerals and memorials are incredibly personal events and I am always eager to do everything I can to fulfil any requests you may have.  If there's something I haven't listed above please ask me and I will do what I can.

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